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Sanctuary Holistic Kitchen handcrafts, small batch, Traditional Folk Medicine and Herbal Skin Care with ingredients only found in nature. We believe that you shouldn’t have to settle for products to heal and nourish that are filled with harsh chemicals, stabilizers and fillers. Petroleum based products leach moisture from your skin and inhibits your body’s natural ability to create its own oils for hydration and lubrication. This is why you will never see anything not grown by the earth in our products. Nature’s abundance is all you need to treat your body and skin with care. We use all our products on our family, so we take great care in knowing where our ingredients are sourced. SHK uses local, in season, and organic ingredients whenever possible, and all of our essential oils used are 100% pure and of therapeutic grade. You may notice that colors and hues may change from batch to batch, or that many products will separate upon standing. This is normal and expected from our lack of stabilizers used and hand crafted process.

Sanctuary's culture hopes to foster a safe space to learn, contribute, explore and expand the possibilities in what health means for you. We occasionally will host workshops and talks on, medicine making, crafting skin care products, organic gardening and holistic living. Make sure to check our workshop calendar for more details.