Abby Cone Brand Ambassador/Williamson County

Robin Cervantes CHC AADP
Holistic Nutritional & Lifestyle Counseling
Food Sensitivity & Candida Specialist


Robin Cervantes is the Founder of Sanctuary Holistic Kitchen LLC. Robin serves as Master Brewer of their Kombucha and Head Herbalist of SHK's Apothecary & Skin Care line. Robin is a graduate of The Institute for Integrative Nutrition as a Certified Integrative Health Counselor and certified by the American Association of Drugless Practitioners. Her background includes over 20 years of education experience. She was the Holistic Cooking Instructor at Ger-Nis Culinary and Herb Center (Brooklyn, NY). 

Meet Abby! She grew up in Austin, graduating from St. Edwards University with a BA in psychology. After working in AISD helping teens find their passion in their educational careers, she changed her course. She moved to Georgetown with her husband and three dogs, then started her own professional organizing business in 2017. Abby is a perfect complement to Sanctuary’s team, as she is very passionate about helping others and connecting to animals and nature through gardening, hiking, and camping. Put her in nature and she’s happy. Yoga, psychology, learning and overall healthy living are the things that keep Abby grounded and growing as a person. 

Corey manages accounts and work demos in and around Austin, Texas. She has spent the last 18 years building a lifestyle around health and wellness, both professionally and personally. She spent 16 of those years at Peoples Rx managing the wellness department and representing our brand at community events. After having her first kiddo, Corey decided to leave the full time gig to pursue the art of parenting. Because the passion for healing remains, she  couldn’t resist working with Sanctuary Holistic Kitchen, happily helping it bloom. As an herbalist, she's an avid plant, animal and earth lover, and loves travelling everywhere to witness these things in their different habitats. Her in-between time is spent experiencing life through hiking, swimming, music, cooking and traveling with her husband, son and dog. She is usually doing these things barefoot. SHK's Warming Muscle Rub and Magnesium Oil keeps are her favorite go to products to keep her on her toes and loving life.

Danielle Sumner  Brand Ambassador/ Dallas/Ft Worth

 She has taught Holistic Nutrition Workshops for the staff of Georgetown Independent Schools District (Georgetown, TX). She served as Gardening Club and Medicine Making Instructor at Magellan International School (Austin, TX). Robin ran a successful personal training and health coaching practice for over 8 years (NYC) and General Manager of Complete Body & Spa John Street (NYC). Robin founded Sanctuary Holistic Kitchen in Georgetown Texas in 2015 as a farmers market vendor. Over the past 3 years her business has grown to a pop up shop of over 85 hand-crafted products, a commercial kombucha brewery, and distributor of SHK's products to 45+ retailers throughout Central Texas. She is a proud military wife and home-schooling mama to their wild, happy and free son Avel. 

Through the years, Robin's focus has always come right back to empowering others. Be it designing fitness routines to teaching little ones the power of plants, her focus has always been, educator. Education to guide others to live their best life. Be it through food, creativity or mindful practices. Her culmination of experience in healthy living has brought her to where she is today. Ready to reach out to a broader audience and empower them to live their best life, and to leave this planet a better place for the next generation.

Integrative Health Counselor, Graduate of The Institute of Integrative Nutrition, Certified by The American Association of Drugless Practitioners, Certified Personal Trainer, Certified Food Sensitivity Coach

Jimmy has been married for 36 years and in that time has gained three children and four grandchildren. The same year he was married, he started working for HEB & Central Market. Over the years he has worked in numerous capacities from store management to working in the Centralized Training Center as an educator, training both new hires and current employees. For more than 20 years now, Jimmy has found his home in the Healthy Living department, which he says has been his most gratifying position. Jimmy has also had a passion for personal training for the past two decades. He recently retired, but working with Sanctuary Holistic Kitchen is one way he’s keeping his hand in health and wellness. 

Jimmy VillarealBrand Ambassador/San Antonio

Corey Gusnowski Brand Ambassador​/Greater Austin Area

SHK’s awesome Brand Ambassador covering Plano, Southlake, Ft Worth and Dallas. Danielle is a nature loving, green juice drinking, coffee aficionado with a love for everything ayurvedic. She is also a chef’s wife and mother to a beautiful little girl. Danielle learned the benefits of herbal remedies at a young age through planting herbs in her mother’s garden as a kid. It is something that has stuck with her, and has blossomed into a passion for educating others about the goodness that nature has to offer.
Her favorite SHK products are the Honey Face Wash and Rose hip Face Serum. She says “They are by far the best duo that I have ever used on my face and I recommend them to everyone!”